GEMS’ market-leading dock products = your quality dock. Our Dock Building Components division will not only give you insight into our floats, hardware, ladders, decking and dock kits; you’ll find marine equipment like buoys, dock boxes and pontoons as well!

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Highland HDPE Floats

Dock, Deck & Walkway
Surface Decking

Plastic Dock Floats

DIY Wooden Frame
Dock Building Kit

Galvanized Steel Dock Hardware

DIY Aluminum Frame
Dock Building Kits

Dock Pile Hoops & Guides

Dock Edging & Bumpers

Dock Ladders

Marker & Regulatory Buoys

Mooring Buoys

Pile Caps

Dock Cleats & Tie-offs

Fibreglass & Polyethylene Dock Boxes

Floating PWC Jet Ski Dock

Galvanized Steel Dock Frame Sections & Hardware

Industrial Marine Pontoons & Pipe Floats

Plastic Dock Wheel Guides

Net Weights

Dock Components // Sell Sheets